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Beamline Detector

The Beamline Detector group is responsible for the design, implementation, operation and maintenance of the

beamline safety interlock system. The group is also in charge of processing, assembly and maintenance of XBPM

detectors, and the construction and operation of beamline network storage database. Specific activities of the

group include:


XBPM detectors and electronics

Develop the specific X-ray beam position monitor and selection of suitable electronic instruments to meet the different

demands for each beamline. So far, four types of detectors have been used to obtain the beam position, which

include blade beam position monitor (BBPM) which the measuring accuracy is 2 microns in the horizontal and 1

micron in the vertical direction, wire scanning beam position monitor (WBPM) with measuring accuracy of 10

microns, and fluorescent screen monitor (FS) and quadrant beam position monitor (QBPM). 





Safety Interlocks

Ensuring the safety of the users and protecting the equipments of the accelerators and beamlines by closing the

photon shutter or kicking off the beam in the storage ring. The safety interlocks, as a part of the beamline control

system, include the Personnel Safety Interlock System (PSIS) and the Equipment Status Monitoring and

Protection System (EPS).



Operation Interface and network database

The real-time monitor system of a beamline consists of the computer, the serial port server and the connecter

and so on. There are a few soft-IOCs running in each beamline to manage all inputs and outputs, and only

authorized computers (for example, the host in central control room) can access to the message of each

beamline by Channel Archives. The monitored data including parameters of the equipment of the beamlines

and end-stations will be stored in database which could be read and analyzed in the future. A multifunctional

platform was designed and can display all parameters of the existent beamlines, and status of the new

beamlines also can be added into this platform.



The group is currently composed of 7 members.



Peirong Gong


Zhouxia Zhu


Huichao Xu


Yinghua He


Yongli Zhang


Jianying Zhou


Jianguo Jiang