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Chemical Sample Preparation Room

The chemical sample preparation room is established for users to prepare  chemical samples when they conduct   

experiments at the SSRF. However, any dangerous chemical experiments (toxic, radioactive, explosive, etc.) are

strictly forbidden. Room 1037 is used for preparation of conventional chemical samples, and Room 1055 is for

heat treatment of chemical samples (Figure1-2).


At present, the chemical sample preparation room is equipped with routinely used lab instruments (some are shown in Figure 3-11), where the following experiments can be carried out:

  l    Sample preparation under anaerobic conditions

   l    Volatile and corrosive sample processing

   l    Sample heating, drying, mixing, etc.

    l    The determination of pH value of given sample and its composition


Users are welcome to take good advantage of the chemical sample preparation room.


  Contact Information:

   Lina  Li

  Tel: 86-21-33932213

  E-mail:   lilina@sinap.ac.cn




  Figure 1 The room for the preparation of conventional chemical samples(Room 1037)



  Figure 2  The room for the heat treatment of chemical samples (Room 1055)



     Figure 3 Ultraviolet spectrophotometer



  Figure 4 Glove box



  Figure 5 Vacuum drying oven



  Figure 6 Ultrasonic cleaner



  Figure 7 Infrared drying oven



  Figure 8 Mettler pH meter



          Figure 9 Freeze drying machine



         Figure 10 Thermopure water purification system



        Figure 11 Bench centrifuge