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Linear Accelerator



The linear accelerator (Linac) is used to inject electron beam into the booster. The SSRF linac consists of a 100 kV electron gun, a 500 MHz sub-harmonic buncher cavity, a fundamental buncher section and four 3 GHz SLAC-type accelerating sections powered by two 45 MW klystrons. The linac accelerates the electrons to the energy of 150 MeV, with beam emittance less than 50 mm-mrad, relative energy spread less than 0.5% and energy stability better than 0.5%. The linac can operate in two modes: single bunch mode with bunch charge larger than 1 nC and pulse width of less than 1 ns, and a multi-bunch mode with total charge larger than 10 nC in more than 100 bunches in a pulse width of 200 ns. The repetition rate of the linac pulse can be varied up to 10 Hz. Electrons with energy of 150 MeV are guided towards the booster via low energy transfer line.


The main specifications are listed in the following table


Nominal energy (MeV)


Pulse length (ns)

Single bunch


Multi bunch


Beam charge



Single bunch


Multi bunch


Pulse to pulse energy stability (rms)


Relative energy spread (rms)


Normalized Emittance (mm×mrad)

< 50

Frequency (MHz)


Repetition Rate (Hz)